Here’s How to Spot the Difference Between Real and Fake Designer Bags replica

Can you spot a fake Birkin above with just a glance? Natalie Wyll and Alexa Ridolfi, the sisters who run A Second Chance Resale, do that for a living, thanks to a $600 billion counterfeit industry. Along with their mother, who founded the Upper East Side store before expanding to Soho’s West Broadway, they’ve become experts at authenticating and valuing designer handbags outlet—especially for the Big Three brands.

“When you purchase a luxury product, you get a lifetime guarantee. Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton—they stand behind their products.” Wyll explained to Racked. “They are investment pieces. and the prices have grown exponentially. When you invest in a knockoff, you’re not investing in anything. You can’t resell it, [and when] it starts wearing or falling apart…you’re kind of at a loss.”

Wyll and Ridolfi gave us side-by-side comparisons of authentic and counterfeit cheap bags online from these brands, pointing out the subtlest of differences that can determine whether they’ll spend upwards of tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a bag from a consignor. Check out their tips below—because even if you can’t afford a Chanel Boy Bag, you can pick up a neat little party trick (that might also upset people).

The Boy Bag, pictured here, is one of Chanel’s most popular purses, a modern take on a classic style. “It’s one of the most expensive Designer bags online they sell, and they’re really hard to get in stores,” which makes it a hot commodity on the resale market—and the counterfeit market, too. Just by looking at the pictures above and below, can you tell which bag is real?

Reminder: Just because a bag comes with an authenticity card doesn’t actually make it authentic—counterfeiters fake those, too In fact, you should always be wary of authenticity cards when buying outside of a brand’s official store: Louis Vuitton and Hermès replica handbags don’t have them, Wyll explained, but fakers will lure unassuming customers with them anyway.

In this case, Wyll could spot the fake bag on the bottom based on her brand knowledge. “I can see that this has a hologram to it,” while authentic authenticity cards just have a gold trim. Other inconsistencies include the font size, the type used for the bag number, and the fake-looking symbol sticker on the upper right corner.

A big indicator is whether the bag has a proper identification stamp. The letters are code for the country in which the bag was made, while the numbers indicate when it was made. The second and fourth numbers stand for the year (so 2008, in this case), while the first and third numbers are for the week in that year (here, the eleventh week).

“First, Louis Vuitton was doing the month and the year” in the stamp number, Wyll said. “Then the counterfeiters caught on, so now they do the week of Designer replica handbags uk the year—a number out of 52 instead of a number out of 12—to throw them off. Also, they started assigning different letters to different regions. CA is not the only two-letter [combination] that is associated with Spain, for example. You could have CA and, like, five other different letter combinations mean Spain.

“It makes our job difficult, too,” she added. “You perfect something, and then they change it because the counterfeiters are on top of it, too.” That’s why a lot of the stamps on fake Designer bags replica are the same as the real ones—so if the stamp looks correct, hunt for other inconsistencies.

First, check out the label stamp on the top of the bag. “You can’t see too much of a difference here, but the stamp…is pretty high and close to the stitching” on the authentic Birkin (left), Ridolfi said. “If you see it in the middle” between the stitching and the lock, that’s a dead giveaway replica handbags. Note how the stamp on the fake bag also appears to sit on top of the leather, while the authentic stamp is really a part of the fabric.

“You also want to make sure [the stamp] is straight,” Wyll added—remember, this detail was a giveaway on the Chanel label. “These are little details, but they make a difference bags outlet.”

Designer handbags replica are real or fake? Expert reveals how to spot a knock-off… and shares her tips for making sure you’re buying the real outlet

Although many of us covet the designer handbags replica that celebrities and royals like Princess Mary, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Beyonce tote around, the average woman can’t afford the hefty price tag that comes with the luxury bags outlet.

The average Chanel handbag, for example, will set you back anywhere from $4,500 to $8,000- far above the means of those except the super wealthy.

It’s not surprise then, that many women go online in search of discount designer goods, hoping to snag a bargain and get a Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga bag for a much lower price.

The unfortunate truth is that whilst it is possible to get discounts on luxury goods, many of the bags trade found online are cheap fakes.

If you’re shopping either online or in a store, don’t be rushed into making a purchase. Ensure you’re confident the bag is real before you buy and don’t impulse shop.

If you’re buying from an online store you can always contact the banks and credit bard companies the site accepts and check with them if there’s been any reports of fraud to them.

‘If you’re shopping online, go back a week or two later to see if the website is still up,’ Ms Mills recommends. ‘If it was supplying fraudulent goods, it will most likely be tracked down and closed. Also, try contacting customer service and see if you get a response, and research online reviews.’

Whilst there are many overseas sites that seem to be selling very cheap designer handbags replica, you’re more likely to purchase a fake from sites from countries like China, Brazil and India where many counterfeit goods are produced.

If you buy from an Australian site you also have greater protections for getting your money back if your bag does turn out to be fake.

‘If you do end up purchasing a fraudulent handbag, you can report designer handbags replica it to Fair Trading. However, they can’t help you if you haven’t purchased from an Australian website,’ Ms Mills explains.

Buy from trusted stores that have good reputations to limit the risk of buying a fake. Check online reviews and contact the customer service area to try and suss out if they’re reputable.

According to Ms Mills, there has been a rise designer handbags export trade in online stores selling counterfeit products in recent years. She said that trusted stores will undertake due diligence to ensure their designer handbags outlet are legitimate, and that Brands Exclusive has a legal team checking every supplier the retailer works with.

‘We only work with trusted suppliers, and we are part of an informal designer handbags replica group of luxury retailers in Europe and the States in which we let each other designer handbags know about untrustworthy suppliers,’ she said.

Replica handbag heaven! Sharpen your elbows and join the other savvy women flocking to new auctions of rare and coveted bags outlet

There are more than 500 lots on offer, from four rare Birkin replica bags — the extremely covetable designs made by French brand Hermès, the most expensive of which is a red crocodile skin number expected to fetch between £15,000 and £20,000 — to Chanel clutches, Louis Vuitton totes and evening bags outlet by Christian Dior.

This is the third auction of its type at Fellows, a family-run auction house in the city’s jewellery quarter, whose main business is antiques, fine art, coins and medals. The previous handbag sale made over £100,000, and today’s is expected to be more lucrative still.For the handbag auction is fast taking the place of the sample sale or designer discount village as the new secret haunt of fashion-conscious middle-class women desperate to bag — excuse the pun — a bargain.

‘We used to tag handbags replica on the end of our jewellery and accessories sales,’ explains Stephen Whittaker, managing director and today’s auctioneer. ‘Eventually the demand became so high that we had to make it a separate event.‘When I saw how much money women were willing to shell out for a handbag outlet, especially a Hermès or a Chanel, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.‘We get a huge turnout for these sales. Several hundred bidders are often crammed into the small auction room and bidding can be fierce.
‘Some people come to browse, but most have their eye on one particular bag, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.’

Fellows isn’t the only auction house to realise bags replica can be big business. In 2012, Christie’s introduced a department entirely dedicated to handbags to outlet in uk and accessories, and sales now take place not only across the UK but in New York, Paris, Dubai and Shanghai.‘We get young women looking for a vintage Hermès Kelly, working women looking for something functional, jet-setters looking for crocodile skin weekenders and collectors looking for rarities.a 12in Himalayan crocodile skin Birkin replica  handbag, set with 245 diamonds and adorned with white gold, sold amid a frenzy of bids for £197,300 — making it the most valuable handbag in the world.

Most of the replica bags on offer, which come from private collectors and leather traders, cost between £100 and £1,000.The Chanel table, bulging with classic black quilted bags outlet emblazoned with the intertwined ‘C’ logo, is attracting the most attention.Sheila Osborne, 64, from Derby, has her eye on a miniature tan-coloured patent REPLICA bag — but, much to her disappointment, it goes for £1,200 to an online bidder (they can log on to the website and bid during the auction).
Over by the Louis Vuittons, Ana Boyd, a housewife from Banbury, Oxfordshire, is pleading with husband Stephen to buy her a new bag.
‘I had my eye on something sparkly, but this one has caught my attention,’ she says, running her manicured fingers over a tasselled tote. ‘I came to the last auction and I just missed out on the bag I wanted, so I’m determined to get one today.’ Ana insists she isn’t a handbag addict.

‘I’m not one of these women who has hundreds and hundreds hidden at the back of my wardrobe,’ she says. ‘I probably have ten bags replica — really good, expensive ones — that I use all the time.’
Indeed, most of the bidders here — except the gaggle of suited men in the back row, tapping away on their iPhones as they take instructions from clients in the Far East, where there is a booming market for luxury goods — are here for personal, not professional, reasons.
She shrieks in delight when they secure a pink Celine clutch for £45 and a Gucci flap handbag for £75, saving over £200 from the retail price. ‘It’s all very exciting, gets your heart racing a bit,’ she says. ‘You can get really good deals, as well as some unique replica handbags.

Salar Milano look even more mini cute

This year quietly passed, at the end of the big grilled also have to, I believe that a lot of Pa to the Queen is tired of a package to support the scene of the package it, this period to recommend a refined, significant taste and fashionable style, Unconventional, cost-effective handbag, if you have to Pa Pa to the handbag, see this article on the right. This handbag is called Salar Milano, from Italy, it is a fashion bloggers harvester, fashion circles countless fans up, it can be sexy, elegant, lovely but also embark on the crazy rock road, this fashion price Combination of the handbag, a collection of elements, such as: five-pointed star, rivets, tassels, spell color combination of miraculous together, you guess it price?

This handbag is a pair of couples (Salar and Francesca) designed, soon after the establishment of Milan was Vogue Italia named the best new brand, from a gun became popular, embarked on the IT handbag glorious road. In the fashion capital of the ringing, the next Star way is promising.

When you first see this package, you will think of it with a similar, it will feel like Chole piggy package lost years of twin sisters, but do not make a mistake, it is not chole replica handbags brand, and its Appearance than the pig handbag Salar Milano even more mini-cute, with a wide range of design elements, alone, these rich design point of feeling can be smaller pack a few streets, now the piglets have been flooded everywhere, If you are looking for a handbag is not too rampant, it is absolutely creative and amazing style let you shine.

With Olivia Palermo (Olivia Palermo) are starting a this year, next year’s hot green Salar Milano, with a white shirt and check suit successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Cleverly choose the bag with absolutely

The choice of bags with clothing can not be ignored an important step, clever choice of bags with the absolute will be the finishing touch. Mini bag because of its miniature body, a smaller sense of volume in the summer to shape a lot of burden, no bloated feel naturally look Look a lot of cool, as the stars are all irresistible out of the street essential tide . Especially for the body is not so perfect “MM”, do not put such a good self-cultivation tool deserted, will take what package is more important than what package.

Angelababy (Yang Ying) in Paris Fashion Week Dior2013 autumn and winter fashion presentation will be a water blue skirt appearance, umbrella skirt with leather jacket, sweet wind and tough wind mixed makes the whole body with hardness and softness, small white single room Chain bag not only play the role of dotting the eye will not grab the limelight, low-key fine style with the baby’s temperament is consistent, of course, only like a baby petite and small mini-package to match, fashion index momentary explosion .

Every time I see star street shooting, such as Lady Gaga dress will cause a sensation. Do not care about its small size, but its usefulness is not small, when you do not want to bring a lot of things out, you can carry this small and exquisite, Shoulder bag, Claudia Schiffer and Miranda Kerr with a shirt and T-shirt with this small shoulder bag, fashion and leisure correct.

Everyone will not always be the costumes of the upper body, in the leisure time, the influx of people even seemingly dress casual, but definitely not so casual, casual style is also a good street with a good show. Take a package also pay attention to the style and color echo, if you usually brush street is casual wear that you want to learn the wave of people’s professionalism, after all, no ugly only lazy woman has become a classic.

Cheap light luxury handbags which brands

Now, Petty life quality, people began to popular “light” this kind of words, light ladies, light milk network, light luxury and so appear in our lives. As a walk in the forefront of the fashion trend of you, how can we not start a rich life of light petty bourgeoisie handbag it.

Furla jelly package Meng Meng audience
Furla jelly handbag is a jelly handbag family eldest. Since both chatted up jelly handbags, have to say Furla. Italy Fu La jelly handbag, almost successfully set off a nationwide upsurge! Not one or two colorful translucent Fu La you are embarrassed to say that he is a tide. The traditional Boston package shape with the avant-garde material and Makarone color re-interpretation of all the “Spring Bud”, this is simply a “sweet as candy” fashion accessories! Fola jelly package novel chic, colorful, The popular elements to the limit. Is the major stars and fashion people love, street shooting is endless.

MCM comes from Italy’s light luxury brand package
This handbag is a very practical and very wild handbag, first recommended a relatively simple range of children’s handbags to our newcomers entering the workplace and workplace up to the people in the workplace, a practical and Low-key handbag is very important, both can also be hand-held cross-shoulders, more sense of quality and professionalism. And this handbag is usually out with the street Oh, we all know that selection of black never wrong, this handbag is your first light luxury brand package of choice.

Michael Kors The lively light luxury brand handbag
Pink is the color of the girl, I believe that every girl in the choice of the handbag when they considered the pink bar. This handbag will be pink and white combination, full of pink bubble-like dream feeling, more suitable for sweet little girl, high-quality leather texture is more prominent texture, is a romantic and fashion sense of both a single fashion Oh.

Coach more people close to the light luxury brand package
Today recommended a handbag of this handbag, using black fabric material, black double C sequin decoration more brisk, with a brand Logo cortex ornaments and gold hardware accessories highlight the texture, shiny double-ball buckle more Easy to open and close the handbag. This handbag is your dinner or other important occasions of choice, low-key and yet luxurious, with a variety of dress can be free to match.

You pay attention to those street mini replica handbags?

Hermes, Mulberry, Moschino, Valentino, Rebecca Minkoff, DVF, Marc Jacobs, Chlie, Nina Ricci, Celine and other high fashion house quite mini replica handbags seriously, they have their own classic bags made mini.
In 2015, Michael Kors released the second quarter of this fiscal year financial report specifically stressed that, because the recent small package selling well, they will seriously face this trend, so as to compete with other similar companies, the company invested in the design of this packet More.
Recently, the consulting firm NPD also noted that mini handbags getting more and more fire this matter. To this end, it released a mini handbags for the investigation report, also mentioned another product category because of mini replica handbags and fire up small accessories.

    • Smart phones are bags are getting smaller and smaller important reason

“Consumers are realizing that they do not need to bring everything out when they go out.The smartphone can slive the electronic payment, as well as App’s membership features can simplify life, they can put those membership card information is stored in the phone. “NPD accessories and footwear industry analysis expert Beth Glidstein said.

    • mini handbags of sales in the rise

Despite the decline in sales of women’s bags category, but mini handbags and mini bags do grow the fastest category. By October 2016 (for 12 months), sales of mini handbags and mini bags increased by 2%.

    • mini handbags package – small accessories are also selling well

The popularity of mini handbags also caused a small consumer demand for accessories.
Small accessories, such as card packs, and zero wallet sales. As of October 2016 (statistics for 12 months), non-wallet wallet accessories sales rose 13 percent to 23 million US dlilars.

    • In the mini handbags to buy small accessories for this matter, consumers can accept the price cut-off point is $ 75

Low-priced (less than $ 75) small accessories to promote the growth of this category. But the higher price of small accessories is the fastest growing category of this part, accounting for more than half of its sales last year.
In the southern United States, consumers tend to buy the price of $ 150 or $ 75- $ 100 or so small accessories products.

    • Small accessories sell good Another reason is that it is an excellent hliiday gift

“The increase in sales of this accessory fit the needs of consumers, and how consumers chase this trend will have an impact on retail planning throughout the year,” said Marshal Cohen, NPD’s chief industry analyst.
“Small personal accessories can be used as a natural gift, while the next hliiday, there will be more and more people will buy these small size, low – cost small accessories.

Three bags you have to buy it all?

Whether you are a newcomer entering the workplace, or walking in the trend of front-end fashion, or college students, black bags are always the highest utilization rate, the most widely used single product, its status is not to be underestimated it. If you already have a black bag then from the following to the street to find about with the inspiration it; if you want to take advantage of the end of the year treat yourself to start the bag, the following three types of black bags to give you a reference Oh!

No.1 Black Handbag

To say the most dirt can be installed the most large bag or a few large handbags, and simple shopping bag style bag can hold your daily work required to learn items; zipper models Tote is also their favorite OL bag . With coats highlight the elegant temperament, with profile-shaped down jacket is also fully Hold live.

No.2 Black Messenger Bag

Like a small black skirt in the status of fashion in general, black messenger bag is also a classic. For example, the chain section of the black bag allows the whole person to enhance the temperament, with skirts or pants are extremely fashionable, the Messenger bag a short length of the back in the chest, it is cool girl’s first choice.

No.3 Black Clutch

Clutch is more practical presumably no need to introduce, in the cold winter clutch bag becomes a weapon for the liberation of his hands. Has been close to the end, many fashionable fine they do not want to rush to prepare a good party, so exquisite hand bag can also be a work party without delay of the eye-catching single product.

Investment a good handbags, is the best proof of maturity


I remember before and my girlfriend always have the energy to go to Amoy clothes and replica handbags, and then go to the old bookstore to buy some fashion magazines, mimic the stars of people with a variety of collusion, make every effort to chase those so-called fashion Fan children.

And now found that, even learn how to mix with a dazzling approach, not as high as a single piece of high quality, so that your overall shape quickly plus points.

Especially women are the most intimate bag, as the saying goes: men watch, women look at the package.

Double eleven period, the girlfriend cut hand to buy a bag, received the goods on the first time to consult me, the tone is extremely uncertain:

“Girl, you help me to see, this is not the leather?”

“But what are you stimulating, to catch the big trend?

“Do not know why, do not want to imitate others now, as if suddenly want to understand, would rather buy a bag they like, but also arrived in a pile of things in the cupboard.

She said it makes sense, in fact, with the older, more and more people agree with a point of view “will buy more important than money,” buy smart is a capacity to invest limited money in cost-effective items , Is actually a reflection of wisdom, rather than spend lots of money to buy their own are not sure of the so-called replica bag, not as good as your life in the city, about a friend, sitting in a comfortable Red Valley store, pick one Both quality and suitable for your bag, such as Hui Ling series of new, seductive and accent.

When you have the conditions to buy their favorite bag, then why not? To bring you a beautiful bag of goods, even if you hurry to run in the streets, all seem so elegant.

Contemporary women busy life, who is also a multi-duty, pay a lot of hours a day to work, take care of the family, so I hope the bag as simple as possible wild. Has always been a favorite of the St. Mary’s series, this month also re-launched a new style, fantasy pink is very fit with the feminine temperament, the use of more high-grade crocodile pressure pattern, simple and products.

With a complete set of wallet also continued a unified style, a special double-sided design easy way out, in his hand, the flow of women’s rhythm and elegance.

Like to chase the trend before, that carry wine God package, killer package can let others look up. Now pay more attention to “suit their style”, a lot of bag is good-looking, but the real people to God resentment ~ feel soft, texture really good first layer of skin handbags, but also to keep themselves in the best condition to deal with every day Nine to five.